The Child in Islam

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The Child in Islam offers a rare and rich panoramic guide to rearing a happy family in harmony and in wisdom-and above all, Islamically. Is there a difference between Muslim and non-Muslim child rearing? Indeed there is, and beyond the physical delineations of a Muslim's practice, it is the difference between groping one's way with a sputtering candle and walking confidently ahead on a brightly lit day along a well-marked path. This is what Norma Tarazi illustrates in her lively and sober discussion infused by the twin principles of kindness and common sense. Here is no abstract discussion; the author's clear and straightforward voice examines the full spectrum of child rearing with always-practical advice and real-life, concrete approaches and techniques for problem solving. The answers and the solutions are Islamic, that is, completely natural and productive.

Author: Norma Tarazi
Publisher: American Trust Publications
Language: English
ISBN-10:‎ 0892591587
ISBN-13: 978-0892591589
Paperback: 316 pages

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