Don't Just Count Your Hours, Make Your Hours Count: The Essential Guide to Volunteering and Community Service

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Students repeatedly ask the same questions about community service & service learning... How do I find an organization that fits my interests? My schedule? My transportation needs? How do I get in touch with someone at the organization to sign up? What do I need to know before my first visit? How do I log my hours and get them approved? What do I do if I find the service to be boring?"

This guide was created to answer such questions.

"Don't Just Count Your Hours, Make Your Hours Count" provides students with basic information about community service, service learning, and volunteering, so they can then focus on the big (and arguably much more important) questions, like: How does what I'm seeing while volunteering connect to the social issues we're studying in class? What is this experience teaching me about social, environmental, and economic issues, both locally and around the world? What am I learning about myself and what will I carry with me as I plan for my own future, as a community member, leader, and change maker?

The book includes best practices, tips, lists, "How to's", "Don't do's", popular wisdom, academic research, real-life experiences, student volunteer etiquette guides, and more. It is THE essential guide to volunteering & community service for students.

Author: Dr. Kristin E. Joos, Ph.D. & Alana J. Rush
Publisher: Treetop Software Company
ISBN-13: 978-0615469225
Paperback: 80 pages

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