The Lawyer As Leader

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The Lawyer as Leader is an inspiring roadmap designed to help lawyers become effective agents for social change.

Based on author Dr. Artika R. Tyner's leadership development and community engagement work, Planting People, Growing Justice, the book shows how attorneys can use their legal skills to work for social change, contribute to communities that foster social justice, and empower and develop new leaders.

Planting people is an organic process, which starts from the ground up. By empowering people within social change collectives so that they can develop into future leaders, growing justice is the materialization of planting people. Like a Banyan tree which has a unique ability to grow upwards from new roots that are formed in branches, the collective grows when new community members utilize their voices to advocate for social change.

The Lawyer as Leader is beacon call for lawyers who wish to harness their skills and training to become leaders in the struggle for social and economic justice.

By Artika Tyner

Binding: Paperback

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