Revelation: The Story of Muhammad

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Imagine a single resource that allows you to explore the Prophet Muhammad's life in extraordinary clarity and detail. And imagine this resource was easily accessible to everyone, so that children, scholars, busy professionals, students, and even casual readers can all learn and benefit. In Revelation: The Story of Muhammad Meraj Mohiuddin draws on 8 of the most influential works of prophetic biography in English. These include Saf'iur Rahmad Al-Mubarakpuri, Martin Lings, W. Montgomery Watt, Hamza Yusuf, Karen Armstrong, Tariq Ramadan, Reza Aslan, and Adila Salahi. Revelation is designed to help readers remember the smallest details of the Prophet's life without losing sight of the big picture.

The book includes:

  • Timeline of the Prophet's lifetime, used throughout the text and along the side of every page for easy reference
  • Concise description of major events, with relevant excerpts from biographers Over 400 verses from the Qur'an, presented in approximate chronological order
  • Clean and simple visual aids including maps, family trees, and diagrams Glossary of names and biographies of over 350 salient individuals in the life of Muhammad Revelation presents a wide variety of respected scholarly viewpoints on the story of Muhammad and Qur'anic revelation. It brings the Qur'an into the forefront by weaving verses from the Qur'an into an authentic narrative of Muhammad's life. Revelation is designed for readers who are interested in understanding the historical and scriptural context of the Qur'an and how it was revealed. Readers of every level and every faith will learn and benefit from Revelation.

Prophetic biography is one of the most important of our religion’s sciences, and this new addition to the increasingly rich and varied literature now available in the English language is both useful and accurate in its presentation and content. Drawing from several existing works of Sirah, this novel textbook format with copious images, maps, and diagrams will help visually-oriented readers to better grasp certain aspects of the Sirah. Prophetic biographies are especially valuable when taught to Muslims at an early age so they know better the mercy, wisdom, struggle and beauty of our Prophet, peace be upon him. This book should help to that end. — Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, President & Co-Founder - Zaytuna College

About the Author:

Meraj Mohiuddin is a Harvard-trained physician with a background in neuroscience. He has spent the past 12 years writing a comprehensive textbook for motivated students and busy professionals who are looking to rekindle their relationship with the Prophet and the Qur'an. Dr. Mohiuddin is also a teacher and writer who is specifically interested in examining how modern discoveries in human cognition and behavior may deepen our understanding of classical Islamic thought.

Author: Meraj Mohiuddin
Foreword by: Dr. Sherman Jackson
Publisher: Whiteboard Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0989628809
ISBN-13: 978-0989628808
Paperback: 429 pages

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