Al-Nubdhah al-Sughra

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For centuries, the focus of Muslim scholarship was on the triangle of worship, belief and spirituality, which presented the three essential aspects and foundational sciences of the Islamic religion i.e. Jurisprudence, Creed and Sufism. Although these three are mentioned alongside a fourth essential aspect i.e. knowing the signs of the Day of Judgement, this fourth component did not receive much focus from the early scholars as an independent discipline, possibly because the need for it was not as poignant as it is today. In this book, the author reconnects the fourth aspect, highlighting the importance of understanding the changes and challenges facing the world today. This freshly addressed topic is now an independent discipline entitled Fiqh of Transitions and Social Changes . Understanding the changes and transitions in the world, which are manifestations of the arrival of the Last Day, will enable us to navigate peacefully in turbulent times.

About the Author:

Ḥabīb Abu Bakr al-‘Adani is a descendant of the Prophet Muḥammadﷺ. He is a well-known Yemeni scholar and jurist, as well as a prolific writer. The book concerns a newly emergent discipline, the jurisprudence of transition and social change, which is drawn from the signs of the Day of Judgement. Ḥabīb Abu Bakr al-‘Adani explains the significance of this discipline in assisting us to understand the challenges arising from current transition and change. A seeker equipped with such understanding is better able to traverse the straight path in times of tribulation.

Author: Ḥabīb Abu Bakr al-‘Adani b. ‘Ali al-Mashhūr
Translator: Shaykh Ahmed Saad al-Azhari
Publisher: Dar al-Turath al-Islami
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0620699108
ISBN-13: 978-0620699105
Paperback: 69 pages