Child Two-Piece Prayer Outfit - Black & White Flower Burst

$15.00 USD

How many times have you gotten up for Fajr prayer and struggled to find a hijab or robe to pray in? This quick and easy prayer outfit is all you need to prepare you for salah, whether you are preparing for fajr salaah or long taraweeh nights during Ramadan. The two-piece prayer outfit features a quick, slip-on hijab and matching skirt with an elastic waist band. Simply slip it on over your clothes and you’re ready for prayer! Our exclusive prints and super soft fabric will give you ease and comfort in prayer.
  • Two piece prayer outfit; includes hijab and matching skirt. 
  • Hijab covers chest and arms
  • Skirt features elastic waist band
  • 100% Viscose 
Exclusive prints; designed by Bella Hijabs
  • Child: Fits most children ages 10 and under
  • Hijab Length: 27 inches
  • Skirt Length: 29 inches
  • Skirt Waist: 20 - 28 inches
Please note: This prayer outfit was modeled by an adult wearing the adult size.