Pilates Reformer at Balance for Life Fitness Center (Class #1 : Mondays)

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Join us for a beginner Pilates Reformer Class! Come be in community and gain confidence by learning some basic pilates skills.

This 6-week class will introduce you to Pilates on a machine called the reformer. Pilates is low impact and focuses on increasing overall strength and flexibility with an emphasis on your core. You will get a great workout while learning Pilates cueing, breathing, proper body placement and form. Correct technique is essential for you to get the most out of your Pilates classes. 

Spots are limited, secure your spot TODAY!!! 

This program is a part of a community education and health initiative by Rabata, made possible by the BCBS Foundation of MN.  

Class Info
Class Title: Ladies Pilates Reformer Class
For: Ladies 18+
Instructor: Female instructor at BFL 
Schedule: April 15-May 20 Mondays 6:00 pm 
Price: $7

For any questions or financial assistance email classes@rabata.org.