Creating Peace of Mind: Focusing on What Matters in a Changing World

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Even though change is inevitable, we can focus our efforts on building awareness, strategies, and skills that will help us learn, adapt, and integrate new developments as they arise. With Creating PEACE of MIND you can feel confident you will be up to whatever challenge tomorrow may bring. This reader friendly guide will allow anyone to: Apply life-changing psychological research in your home, business or classroom today Help your children see the value in challenge, effort, and perseverance Learn how to give effective support, praise, and feedback for maximum growth Develop understanding of concepts using hands-on sorting activities and stories Understand the power of language and the harmful hidden intentions words can hold Using familiar concepts to focus on what matters when facing change and challenge in daily life, PEACE stands for purpose, engage, adapt, contribute, and evolve. These integrated concepts build confidence with navigating transitions and setbacks. They are also the foundation of a powerful shift in education called personalized learning. A useful guide for those: Going through or preparing for transition Looking for purpose Feeling overwhelmed by constant change Parents, teachers, coaches, leaders, colleagues and friends empowering others to learn and grow.

Author: Jill M. Reid
Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN-13: 978-1504966245
Paperback: 100 pages