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Firdaus & Friends: Firdaus Learns About the Heart

$14.99 USD

2021 Purple Dragonfly Award Winner in STEM Children's Books

Presenting Firdaus & Friends - Join us on a science adventure!

Firdaus & Friends is a brand new STEM series for children that features diverse characters and Islamic values. Firdaus goes to Medina Academy and she loves science class. Her teacher, Mrs. Ahmed, makes science exciting and easy to understand with diagrams, class experiments, activities, and fun facts. One night, Firdaus meets Rubbab and Wahhab, two blood cells, and joins them on a journey into the human body. During her many adventures, Firdaus meets new friends, explores the human body, and most importantly, learns what it means to have a good heart.

Firdaus & Friends is perfect for homeschoolers and Islamic Schools, and can supplement a Middle Grade Life Sciences curriculum. It features information about cells, organs, heart anatomy, and organ systems. Other features include:

* Diverse Muslim characters
* Beautiful illustrations
* Puzzles, experiments, activities and diagrams
* Quran & Hadith verses about the heart
* Anatomy terms and glossary to expand your child's science vocabulary and knowledge!