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Hind's Hands

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From bestselling author and educator Umm Juwayriyah -- a story told by a big sister who learns coping skills to befriend and lead her autistic younger sister. "You see, my sister Hind has Autism. And I know that sounds like a really big word, but it's not. Autism just means that Allah made her to learn and act and think differently than other kids her age." In the story Hind's Hands, big sister Juwayriyah learns just how special her younger sister is, despite the challenging behaviors that she often has to deal with. Author Umm Juwayriyah collaborates with her oldest daughter, Juwayriyah Ayed on this book to help spread awareness about Autism.

Authors: Umm Juwayriyah & Juwayriyah Ayed
Illustrator: Emma Apple
Reading Age: Young Children
Publisher: As Sabr Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1935437765
Paperback: 16 pages