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My First Heroes: 2 Minute Bedtime Stories from the Quran

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My First Heroes introduces children to real-life heroes who have inspired people all over the world for thousands of years. Each story features:
  • A heroic trait
  • An activity guide
  • Coloring pages access
  • Quranic Citation by chapter and verse
  • Tips on which month to read each story
  • Colorful, fictional characters
  • 12 paperback books within a sturdy gift-box.

Classic Stories to Inspire Your Own Little Heroes,
Year-Round Perfect for ages 2-6 Reading level: 1st grade

This collection contains the following stories:
  1. Adam, Hawwa (Eve), and the Tree | Be Humble
  2. Nuh (Noah) and the Boat of Animals | Speak the Truth
  3. Dawood (David) and the Singing Mountains | Be a Problem Solver
  4. Suleiman (Solomon) and the Talking Animals | Be Thankful
  5. Yunus (Jonas) and the Big Whale | Be Patient
  6. Yusuf (Joseph) and the Scary Well | Be Kind & Forgiving
  7. Maryam (Mary), Esa (Jesus), and the Date Tree | Be Strong
  8. Queen Asiya and the Grand Palace | Be Brave
  9. Musa (Moses) and the Opened Sea | Be a Team Player
  10. Salih, the Thamud, and the Camel | Be Gentle
  11. Ibrahim (Abraham), the Sun, and the Stars | Be Curious
  12. Hajar (Hagar), Ismaeel (Ishmael), and the Gushing Water | Be Resourceful