Pearls of the Faith - The Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names of Allah

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Pearls of the Faith is a book that harkens back to a slower time, before the nanosecond, before supersonic travel, before the advent of cyberspace, when handwritten letters took weeks to deliver, and people could sit under a canopy and read light verse about other faiths in faraway lands.  It was a time when lettered men and women wrote prose and poetry in the hope that it might engender greater understanding of a richly diverse world in dire need of peaceful co-existence, reciprocal respect, and a deeper knowledge of the evergreen truths hidden in the myriad teachings of our various world faiths. 

The love and appreciation of poetry, far more widespread in Sir Edwin Arnold's day, is unfortunately lost on many in our impoverished and illiterate post-modern culture. In light of that lamentable reality, we humbly offer this reprint of a 19th century British poet's effort to help cleanse the doors of perception regarding Islam and hope that it may also help revive a love of such aspirational literature in these troubled times. 

Author: Edwin Arnold
Publisher: Sandala
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0985565942
ISBN-13: 978-0985565947
Hardcover: 248 pages