Al Mukhtasar Fi Tafsir - المختصر في تفسير القرآن الكريم

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Features of this book, the Mukhtasar fi Tafsir:

- Clarity and simplicity of phrase, away from any verbiage and verbal complexity.

- Interpreting the verses and clarifying their meanings only, without going through issues of readings, syntax, jurisprudence, and so on.

- Explaining the Qur’anic vocabulary during interpretation and coloring the explanation in a different color to make it easier for those who want it.

- Citing a number of Verses and their benefits in order to help the reader reflect on them and make full use of them, under a separate title: Among the benefits of the Verses.

- Writing an introduction at the beginning of each Surah with a statement of its purpose and its general meaning.

- Collecting all of the above and writing it on the footnote of the Noble Qur’an, to be of assistance to the reader of the Qur’an in understanding the Words of Allah Almighty in the easiest way, without the need to refer to another book.

This book is fully in the arabic language