Reflections of Pearls

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A consise and comprehensive collection of prophetic invocations and prayers.

Allah, Most High, says: “Remember me and I will remember you” (Qur’an 40:60)

We feel a sense of belonging, protection, and safety when we call out to Allah. When coupled with the powerful formulae of supplication (du'a) and remembrance (dhikr), this calling leads to a feeling of tranquility within our hearts and minds. With this goal in mind, Muslims scholars have compiled numerous books of supplications and remembrances from the Qur’an and Prophetic Sunna.

This is the third edition of Reflections of Pearls, a short compilation of Arabic supplications with their English translations and transliterations. Other sections include the etiquettes of supplicating, the 99 names of Allah, select blessings on the Messenger of Allah (saw), the virtues and excellences of certain chapters and verses of the Holy Qur’an, and the method of performing the Istikhara, Ishraq, and other optional prayers. Both adults and children will enjoy and benefit from reading this book.

  • Carefully selected du'as for ease of learning
  • Arabic text set out in clear Arabic script withlucid English translation
  • Transliteration presented in an easy-to-read format

About the Author:

Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf, has been studying the traditional Islamic sciences and writing scholarly works for most of his life. He completed the bulk of his studies at Darul Uloom Bury, North England, where he memorized the Qur an by age fifteen and thereafter went on to complete a rigorous, six-year Shari a program. He graduated from this program with authentic certifications (ijaza) in numerous Islamic disciplines, including Arabic, Islamic jurisprudence, and hadith (with particular emphasis on the six authentic books of hadith (Sihah Sitta) and the Muwattas of Imam Malik and Imam Muhammad). His teachers at Darul Uloom Bury included Shaykh Yusuf Motala and other students of Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhlawi.

Authors: Inam Uddin & Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf
Publisher: White Thread Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0972835857
ISBN-13: 978-0972835855
Paperback: 107 pages