Tahara Crash Course for Teens

$60.00 USD


Purification is the door through which we enter into worship as Muslims and start our relationship with Allah (SWT). For this reason, tahara is key to performing our acts of worship correctly. This class will offer a quick and easy guide for teen girls on everything tahara, including key terms, an understanding of tahara, najasa, purifying objects and spaces, wudu, ghusl, menstruation, and purification of the inner self.
At the end of this class, students will be able to:
  1. Differentiate between tahir and najis
  2. Confidently perform complete actions of tahara
  3. Differentiate between obligatory and recommended actions of wudu and ghusl 
  4. Identify the timing of menstruation, how to know when it has ended, and learn the process of purification at the end of it

Instructor: Anse Eamaan

Dates: Saturdays, September 23 - October 28

Times: 2PM - 3:15PM


Please register for this course at the RCC with Anse Leanna

Contact classes@rabata.org for any questions.