Tajweed for Young Children (A Translation for Baar Tajweed)

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The reciting and reading of the Quran is both important and rewarding for the Muslims, but for it to be a real reflection of the words of Allah, it must be recited with tajweed, which is a field  of study that has a lofty status of its own.

The young Muslims of today need Quranic and religious  knowledge. Consequently, this difficult field of tajweed was in need of a simple book that would allow this knowledge to sink into the minds of children, without it being a burden on them.

Over half a century ago, Moulana Qari Dawood Limbada took the responsibility of filling this void for the young Muslims in his community.

He wrote a hugely popular book called Baar Tajweed, and the translation of that book is now in your hands.

The book is logically organized, has clear examples, and has been augmented with multiple exercises that allow the student to immediately implement the rules that have just been learnt.