Teen Quran Memorization Class February 2024

$150.00 USD

For teen girls ages 13-19

Join us for an in-person memorization class at the Rabata Cultural Center. Teen girls will enjoy an inviting experience where they can focus on their Quran in a self-paced learning environment. Students can choose to review previous reading, learn new surahs, or both. They will receive support and memorization tips from experienced female teachers. In addition to memorization, teens will have the opportunity to refine their recitation skills, learn Quranic vocabulary, and attend a weekly lesson taught by Rabata scholars and mentors.

Classes begin February 14, 2024. 
Sundays 1:30 to 3:30 PM
Wednesdays 5PM to 7PM
$150 / month

Once purchased please go to:  https://forms.gle/ZE8HMVLz7knRmCSJ6  to complete registration.

Email classes@rabata.org to schedule an assessment today.