Thoreau Journal

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One hundred and sixty three years ago, Mr. Thoreau decided it was time to get lost in the woods and find himself. His true self. The self that is uncluttered and undistracted by all this noise that constantly fills our physical and emotional spaces. We took Thoreau's own words as inspiration for this series of heart-stirring, soul-seeking journals. Each cover design is drawn to best encapsulate the spirit of Thoreau's writing, illuminated by touches of copper foil. The inside cover inscription reads, "The woods are a place to shed our shoulds, embrace the coulds, and make it all worth while." Take some time to give yourself a proverbial "woods" -- or heck, even better, walk to your neighborhood park -- and document your journey (your emotional journey, not the journey to the park...although that's a perfectly swell thing to write about too).

-Journal measures 6" x 8 "
-Smyth sewn, lay-flat binding
-132 lined pages, matte bronze ink, printed on 100% premium recycled paper
-Front and back covers feature full color illustration + copper foil elements
-Inside cover features matte bronze ink illustration + personalized inscription