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Toward Our Reformation: From Legalism to Value-Oriented Islamic Law and Jurisprudence

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by Mohammad Omar Farooq

It is the author s contention that at the heart of the Muslim predicament lies ignorance and/or lack of commitment to core Islamic values, thus what is advocated throughout this work is a return to what is termed a value-oriented approach. We further learn that with the passage of time what we today consider to be the Shariah is in effect an original hub enveloped in a labyrinthine shroud of scholastic views and deductions hindering Muslim development, and to rely on fraudulent hadith and fallacious implementation of hudud law is not only to betray the spirit of the Qur an and the Prophet s message, but a disastrous exercise. Consequences being blatant abuse of the Muslim populace under cover of implementing a bogus Shariah. This abuse and misapplication is explored throughout the work.


Pages: 346

Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)