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Unfiltered Truths of Motherhood: Captive & Captivated

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Honest, raw, vulnerable truths for mothers during their motherhood journey. Suka Nasrallah spends her days running between her three children attending to their multiple requests while trying to stay sane. In other words, she is fully immersed in the crazy yet beautiful life that is motherhood.

Suka Nasrallah offers hope to mothers at all stages of motherhood through her sincere and vulnerable essays that may have you reaching for the tissue box. Her words hit home as she speaks from the day-to-day experiences a mother lives through from the moment her baby is handed to her, until the end of time because, for a mother, there is no visible finish line.

Too often people feel motherhood is a competition, but Suka Nasrallah uses her candid words to show that we are all in this together. Raising a child is very challenging; it truly takes a village. Suka Nasrallah speaks about the importance of having that village and being there for others during their journey. To be there for the new mother is just as important as being there for the newborn baby.

The words in this book are a breath of fresh air for every mother. Feeling like you can relate to the words of an author makes you feel validated and heard. Through Suka Nasrallah's honesty, she gives the reader hope that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel; she empowers the reader.

This book will make you feel that the thoughts you keep to yourself, the ones you're afraid to share in fear of being misunderstood, those thoughts are justifiable, heard, acknowledged, appreciated, and more common than you'd think.