Space Cows - Ready to Read Pre-Level One

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Cows in space: What’s not to love? This Pre-level 1 Ready-to-Read is all about space cows and the wacky and fun things they do!

Space cows fly high. Space cows fly low.
Space cows dance three in a row.
Space cows are green. Space cows are blue.
Some of them quack (but most of them moo)!

Read all about space cows in this book for beginning readers who like to giggle!

Suggested Age: 3 - 5 years
Author: Eric Seltzer
Illustrator: Tom Disbury
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1534428763
ISBN-13:‎ 978-1534428768
Hardcover: 32 pages

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