Excellence in the Science of Tajweed (English Translation)

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"We have presented an abridged book in the science of tajweed to the younger generation, those eager to learn tajweed. I have ensured that the information is presented in a simplified but, yet precise and clear method. The book provides an explanation for the proper pronunciation and attributes of the letters and rules of tajweed, specifically in the narration of Hafs 'an 'Asim of the Shatibiyyah method by Imam ShamssedDeen Muhammad bin Muhammad al Jazri al Dimashqi for the purpose of enforcing and simplifying the rules for the reader, making it easier for memorization. I have also briefly explained some of the lines using the "Explanation of the Jazriya Introduction" by the Islamic scholar, Zakariya al Ansari. The tajweed concepts and rules are further clarified through practical examples, explanations, and illustrative charts."

Perfect your recitation of the Qur'an by studying this detailed explanation of the rules of tajweed. 


Textbook used for multiple Ribaat tajweed classes. Please visit Register.rabata.org for more information about the tajweed program.

Author: Ghada Salahi Al-Asbahi
Publisher: Daybreak Press
ISBN: 15692751

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