Bismillah Chef: Over Thirty Recipes and Stories to Inspire Young Muslim Chefs

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Bismillah Chef is a cookbook designed to inspire and teach kids the superpower of cooking and God-consciousness. Each recipe has a unique story that ties back to the recipe, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for kids! With every recipe, there is a unique story that teaches kids how to think of different ways to please Allah SWT and reach our ultimate goal—Jannah inshallah. Kids will not only learn how to cook but also how to earn good deeds along the way. The Bismillah Chef cookbook has the following - 33 recipes - 33 stories with an Islamic lesson - A guide to eating etiquette from the sunnah - Du’aas for eating and everything related to food - Mouthwatering photos - A glossary of important terms - Information on converting measurements - An index and a picture index - General advice for the kitchen - Memories that will last a lifetime, inshallah! As parents, we are always looking for opportunities for our children to learn skills that will make them capable and independent adults. We want them to think outside the box and earn good deeds along the way. We teach them, help them build good habits, and enroll them in activities. But one superpower that we often overlook is cooking! Cooking can empower our children in ways we never imagined, both in the kitchen and beyond. It teaches focus, determination, resilience, confidence, and responsibility. It teaches them how to put a meal together, which gives them confidence in the kitchen, the opportunity to feed and assist others, and allows them to be independent. Bismillah Chef makes cooking approachable for kids. They’ll need your help at first, but after a little bit of practice, you might never have to cook a meal again! A cookbook designed with Muslim kids in mind!

Publisher: Inspiring the Love of Islam (April 10, 2023)
Language: English
Hardcover:‎ 108 pages
ISBN-13:‎ 979-8987222003
Reading age: 7 - 14 years