Brewing Storms

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The stories of men, as seeker and teacher, abound in the pages of heritage texts and literary works, but the stories of women are rare. Brewing Storms is a collection of poems that offers a window into the spiritual path of one young woman as she navigates her way through the storms of the soul. The poems provide a deep and honest insight into the challenges of growth and spiritual development along with moments and memories of profound fulfillment experienced along the way. The beauty of poetry as an art form is that it can touch readers no matter what their path or background, and it is hoped this collection will speak to those emotions and experiences which bind us all: searching, struggle, love and longing.

"Brewing storms is a collection of poetry written by a natural poet... I hope that as you read her work, you will catch a glimpse of this path for yourself, and perhaps your brewing storms will find their sun, clouds, rain, storms and sun again." - Anse Tamara Gray, Founder of Rabata

About the Author:

A.M. Ramzy was born in England and is a graduate of Oxford University, where her degree allowed her to delve into the depths of classical and modern Arabic and Persian literature. Whilst her studies fueled a love of poetry she had demonstrated form an early age, it was her stay in Damascus in 2010 that inspired her to write her own. Brewing Storms is her first collection of poems.

Author: A.M. Ramzy
Publisher: Daybreak Press 
ISBN-13: 978-0990625926