My Many Friends Our One Heart

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by Raghad Ebied 

In this story, Hadi and Sameer's mom explains the importance of having compassion to her children by underlining the universal value of having acceptance and love for others, regardless of our differences. "My Many Friends, Our One Heart" is part of a series called “Hadi’s Adventures”, through which we aim to:

  • Promote character education by incorporating positive values such as compassion, gratitude, generosity, and more.
  • Represent a diversity of children to enable children from all backgrounds to increasingly relate to and therefore accept and develop friendships with each other.
  • Encourage children to develop critical thinking skills and think creatively in order to proactively solve problems and to work hard. Inquiry based questions are included at the end of the book to promote further exploration and problem solving skills.
  • Show examples of acceptance and harmony between members of society regardless of their faith or race, while focusing on universal values and ethics. In turn, we hope children will thrive in a diverse and pluralistic society by developing global citizenship which entails a respect for diversity and working with others to make the world a more equitable place.
Suggested Age: ‎Baby - 12 years
Authors: Raghad Ebied & Raghid Shreih
Illustrator: Eman Salem
Publisher: Destination Excellence Publishing Company
ISBN-10: 0995908672
ISBN-13: 978-0995908673
Language: English
Paperback: 22 pages