Peace and Dialogue in a Plural Society

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In a world that is too often seen as a “clash of civilizations,” some believe there is another way—a path that involves engagement, dialogue, and respect. In Thomas Michel’s new book, Peace and Dialogue in a Plural Society, he explores how Fethullah Gülen is one of those speaking most vocally in favor of a world community, where different faiths and nations can come together at one table to solve the multitude of problems facing today’s world. Exploring the spiritual roots of Gülen and the Hizmet Movement, as well as drawing parallels between his own work as a Catholic priest, Michel shows how Hizmet has helped build a blueprint for intercultural communication in a time when too many voices are trying to stoke the fires of discord. Through education, dialogue, and a respect for basic human dignity, Michel finds a foundation in Gülen’s faith and Hizmet’s service upon which a healthy, diverse society can be built.

About the Author:

Thomas Michel was ordained a Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and later joined the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He received his Ph.D. in Islamic theology from the University of Chicago. Professor Michel was director of the Islamic Office of the Vatican's Council for Inter-religions Dialogue for thirteen years. He taught at various universities in different countries including the US, Turkey, and Indonesia. He has extensively written and lectured on Fethullah Gülen, the Hizmet Movement, and the Risale-i Nur. He is now teaching at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Doha, Qatar.

Author: Thomas Michel
Publisher: Blue Dome Press
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1935295594
Paperback: 158 pages