The Parameters of Halal & Haram in Shariah & The Halal Industry

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The subject of halal and haram, notably meat, and meat products, is of central importance to Muslims with growing focus on ethical aspects of meat production, food safety and cleanliness, and the welfare of animals demanding greater attention. But there is more to the halal industry than simply meat. The issue of halal touches many areas of Muslim life. Because the industry is driven by the market realities of supply and demand, better understanding of Islamic principles is vital. 

Exploring the question in detail Kamali explains the basic principles of halal and haram and discusses, particularly in relation to the meat industry, key issues surrounding their implementation. In doing so he gives important insights into, and relevant understanding of, many of the misconceptions and challenges confronting Muslims today. The issue of additives for instance has caused considerable confusion in food consumption. Not surprisingly, perceptions of what constitutes halal also vary among the schools and scholars of Islam. Other factors such as custom and climate also tend to be influential In addition the work at hand examines issues in halal certification procedures, and matters of concern to uniform it in halal industry practices.

By Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 58
Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thought