The Social Media Workbook for Muslim Youth

$5.99 USD

This dynamic social media workbook for Muslim Youth invites its users to critically examine the thoughts, motivations and intentions behind their online presence. In one place, it aggregates relevant Quranic verses and ahadith to help guide youth in the decisions they make online. It encourages youth to maximize the benefits of social media, while being mindful and proactive about the challenges. The activities in this workbook are fit for self-reflection and small group discussion. It includes dynamic games that drive the deeper message. Pick up this workbook to add critical discussion to your youth halaqas about god-consciousness in the social media world. Great for youth, scout leaders, youth workers, teachers, principals and parents! This book is intended as a supplement to a greater conversation on how to be God-Conscious in a world that invites us to worship everything and everyone else. It is best used by a youth leader guiding youth in discussion and self-reflection.