The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions: Finding Balance Through the Soul Traits of Mussar

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Bring your everyday life into alignment with your aspirational values through Mussar, a thousand-year-old Jewish practice of spiritual growth based on mindful living. Perfect for anyone, regardless of age or experience, this comprehensive book presents thirteen soul traits―ranging from humility and gratitude to trust and honor―and the simple daily actions you can take to develop them. 
Drawing on universal principles and providing grounded instruction, The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions helps you explore soul traits through daily techniques and exercises, including mantras, mindful observation, and journaling. Nurture your spirit with inspiring stories and build a soul trait profile to better understand yourself. By dedicating two weeks of practice to each trait, you'll see major changes in how you approach the world and feel empowered to be your best self.

Author: Greg Marcus

Publisher: LLewellyn Books

Pages: 243