When Daybreak Press Global Bookshop & Gathering Space first opened our doors over a year ago, we envisioned a thriving space that would create a platform for education, global activism, and positive community experiences in Minnesota.

We expected much; yet the response from the community exceeded all our hopes and dreams. In our first year alone we sold over 4,000 books, hosted 50 events, developed and nurtured community connections, and became a place where people gathered to learn, teach, grow, and explore new worlds of faith traditions, women’s empowerment, and social justice issues. This month, we are excited to move to a new, bigger, and more dynamic location at the corner of Washington and Oak in Minneapolis. This new home promises more books, more community services, and more global engagement; this space is an answer to our prayers.

We thank you so much for your continued support. As a nonprofit organization, Daybreak thrives on the contributions of our members. We can not wait to further expand upon our work of providing services for our community.

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