Big Little Steps: A Woman's Guide to Embracing Islam

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“A ‘self-help’ book for Muslims, which seeks both to inspire Muslim women, but also to educate those outside the faith” – Dr Myriam Francois

Since her conversion to Islam in 2002 Mathilde Loujayne has crossed paths with women from all walks of life on a common spiritual journey to discover Islam from a feminine perspective.

Fuelled by a desire to find the right words to explain to her mother her choice to embrace Islam, this guide was born.

Through Mathilde Loujayne's personal experiences - grief, high school, moving abroad, work, marriage, and motherhood - she addresses women's common concerns as they take the big, little steps towards finding a balanced lifestyle and a glowing heart in Islam.

Author: Mathilde Loujayne
Foreword by: Dr. Myriam Francois
Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd 
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1847741274
ISBN-13: 978-1847741271
Paperback: 238 pages