Flippable Sequins - My Eating Dua Keyring

$14.99 USD


Our Flippable Sequin Keyrings are perfect for on the go reminders of essential daily dua’s for children! Clip these cute keyrings to backpacks or bags, on a door, in the car, on your buggy or stroller – wherever is handy to help your children remember their daily dua’s for leaving home, eating, traveling, using the bathroom, and bedtime. They can flip the shiny sequins for engaging play as they recite each dua’ along with our especially recorded dua’ recitations.

Press Me! I say the Dua’ before eating and after eating.

Dua’ to recite before eating: Allaahumma baarik lanaa feehi wa atimnaa khayram minhu. Bismillaah.

Dua’ to recite after eating: Alhamdu lillaahil-ladhee at’amanee haadhaa wa razaqaneehi min ghayri hawlim-minnee wa laa quwwah.

 Please Note, due to embroidery, not all sequins flip. Each keyring has a 6 cm clip and an 11 cm flippable sequin star – for at total height of 17 cm, and a width of 11 cm.

Batteries not included.