Drummer Girl

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The tale of a unique dream and the family that helped make it come true.

Throughout the Muslim world, people fast during the month of Ramadan. All month a drummer walks each neighborhood in the quiet pre-dawn, waking its residents to partake in a blessed meal before the day's fast begins. This drummer is called a musaharati.

Najma lives in Turkey and dreams of becoming the musaharati for her neighborhood - but a woman has never held the position. With colorful courage and support from her Baba, Najma's dream comes true...but will her neighborhood celebrate as much as she does?

Inspirational story of sincerity, determination, and believing in yourself. 
Share the delightful story of Najma with someone you love this Ramadan! 
Drummer Girl has won four gold seals: two Literary Classics awards, the Moonbeam Award, and the International Book Award in the Children's Picture Book category of the American Book Fest.

Author: Hiba Masood
Illustrator: Hoda Hadidi
Publisher: Daybreak Press
ISBN-13: 978-0990625971
Hardcover: 28 pages