Exceptional Authors are Authentic

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Forget aiming to become a best-selling author- Focus on becoming EXCEPTIONAL the AUTHENTIC way!

I hear a lot of people say, "I have this great story to tell but…." Or "My own life story will make an interesting book, but…"

But is where a lot of it stops for a lot of you because it is based on the general belief that you don't have the ability to write, that grammar is poor or there isn't structural aptitude.

What if I told you that none of these are important because they are mastered over time? What if I told you that the only two main ingredients that matter are adopting a lifestyle and mindset that are conducive to authoring?

Readers can look forward to:

  • Clear cut and simple lifestyle choices authors can make to improve their writing lifestyles.
  • Nasreen's firsthand experiences and how they were applied
  • Accompanying export opinions
  • Checklists at the end of every chapter to assist authors to assess their skills
  • Ignite your writing spark-downloadable from authors website (see authors profile for details)