Gift of Jumu'ah Volume 1 & 2

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One of the most imperative parts of the many acts of worship carried out on the day of Jumuʿah is the delivery of the khuṭbah prior to the ṣalāh. This book is a selection of forty easy-to-read fully referenced Friday khuṭab (sermons) delivered by the author at the Islamic Society of Cumberland (Masjid Bilal) in Ottawa, Canada, over a number of years. It is intended to provide the reader with inspiration and motivation to enhance one’s faith, as well as a resource to help those who need to prepare and deliver the Friday khuṭab (sermons). The khuṭab has been arranged to cover a wide variety of topics, relating to various acts of worship and Islāmic values. They also offer simple, yet insightful explanations and teachings meant to stimulate thought and encourage the reader to take their faith to a higher level, becoming closer and closer to Allāh, not only in words but also in actions. This book is a great knowledge resource for both beginners and advanced learners. The sermons are also fairly informative and may be used for personal study and enlightenment. Gift of Jumuʿah is a comprehensive resource of Islāmic inspirations for those beginning their journey into the faith, as well as the advanced learners who are seeking greater depths of understanding of the religion.

664 pages