Huma's Travel Guide to Islamic Spain

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A unique, dynamic, sophisticated Muslim culture flourished in Spain between 711 and 1492 CE, leaving us with some of the world s most breathtaking works of architecture, such as Cordoba s Mezquita and the Alhambra of Granada. But Islamic Spain is not merely a historical fact: many thousands of Muslims remained secretly after the fall of al-Andalus, and we can trace their influence through Spanish food, language, arts and traditions. Join us on a fascinating journey through the lost land of al-Andalus, visiting its major towns and meeting modern-day Muslims in this beautiful, friendly country. Huma s Travel Guide to Islamic Spain offers essential advice for anyone wishing to enjoy this magical and accessible place. It is unique in providing: Detailed, practical information on Cordoba, Seville, Malaga, Ronda, Granada and other towns important in Muslim times Essential travel information An in-depth history of Islamic Spain and its key sites Recommended places to eat, stay, visit and shop Easy-to-use maps A language and food guide Fiqh of travel Biographies of key Andalusi personalities Written and researched by Medina Tenour Whiteman. With additional contributions by Tahira Larmore Whiteman and Dr Abdur-Rahman Mangera.