iCOVER: A Day in the Life of a Muslim-American COVERed Girl

$39.99 USD

Mrs. Syed captures moments in the day-to-day lives of these Muslim women, moments that the average American can relate to once they "embrace" the fact that she covers her hair. The accompanying photo captions and personal quotes flesh out the dimensions of these women's lives. In the faces of a dancer, a surfer-girl, a biker, a tri-athlete and even a boxer you hear their voices, and touch their thoughts, dreams, struggles, and fears. With each page, a stereotype is shattered and the misunderstandings that surround the female followers of a faith of 1.3 billion diminish. iCOVER has garnered significant publicity both domestically and internationally. Syed has been recognized as a leading artist by the White House in 2010 for iCOVER.

Author: Sadaf Syed
Publisher: iCreate Publishing
Hardcover: 150 pages