Ibadah Tracker Notepad

$14.95 USD

Stay on track with your worship goals with this beautiful notepad.  This tracker is perfect no matter where you are on your journey: you can choose only a couple of goals that work for you, or take it to the next level and aim for more challenging goals as you grow and progress. 

  • 52 weeks (1 year) worth of weekly tracking pages
  • Minimalist design with feminine pink accents
  • Durable chipboard backing for stability
  • Gold wire binding at the top

How to Use The Dua Journal:

Each notepad page corresponds to one week of goal tracking.

You can pick and choose which goals you want to track (you don't have to fill in every box, every day). Fill in or check off the boxes for each of your goals as you complete them each day.

At the end of the week, you can review your filled out/checked off boxes and reflect on how the week went and what you would like to change next week in shaa Allah!