Life after Death: Resurrection, Judgement and the Final Destiny of the Soul

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Belief in life after death gives meaning to life and illuminates the purpose of the creation of man. That is the reason it is one of the five fundamental pillars of Islamic tradition, without which other pillars become meaningless. The essential question, therefore, is what was the purpose of man's creation? Where will he go after death, and what is awaiting him there? The question of life after death and the uncertainty of what lies beyond have preoccupied man s mind since the beginning of creation. Is there life after death, and if there is, what are its peculiar characteristics? Where is the Hereafter, and how different or similar is it in comparison with man's life in this world? What is awaiting man in the Hereafter? What is the relationship between man's conduct on earth and his condition after death? When is the end of time and the Day of Resurrection? How is man revived and resurrected after he has perished? Is resurrection physical, spiritual, or both? How will the Day of Judgment unfold, and how will God judge believers and non-believers? And finally, how will man eventually meet his Creator?

508 pages