Living With Genuine Tawhid: Witnessing the Signs of God through the Quranic Guidance

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Yamina Bouguenaya’s Living with Genuine Tawhid brings us to the heart of Islam, the living art of surrendering to the will of God. Familiar terms and concepts are revealed in a new light and take on deeper relevance in our lives. This book will show how the different parts of the Quranic message fit together. Yamina reawakens the meaning of utterances so familiar they often bypass our hearts even as they roll fluidly off our tongues. La ilaha illallah. There is no god but God. What does it mean? Why is it repeated so often in the Quran and in worship? Yamina returns us to these basics, and stays there, allowing their profound implications to seep in. At a time when religion is often rendered -and even propagated- as ideology, as a fundamentally historical and political phenomenon, or merely as a source of social identity, Yamina’s work reminds us that Islam is, in truth, a refreshing and healing way of being in this world, and beyond—a way of being from which we have much to learn, for which we have much to hope.

152 Pages