My Special Angels: The Two Noble Scribes

$8.95 USD

Beside every person's shoulder, there are two angels. Muslims know them as the Kiraman Katibin (the noble scribes). They write down every deed, good and bad, from a person's first day to their last.

Inside this book you will find out all about them, and how to turn those bad deeds into good ones, with a lovable and cheeky young boy.

Did you know that two special angels write down your every action, from the day you were born?

Suggested Age:‎ 2 - 7 years
Author: Razana Noor
Illustrator: Omar Burgess
Imprint: The Islamic Foundation
Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0860376451
ISBN-13: 978-0860376453
Hardcover:‎ 24 pages