Reviving the Heart

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"Those who have to believe and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah's hearts are assured." - Al-Quran 13:28

The problems that we see in our society come down to suppressing the symptoms of its troubles; particularly, that we tend not to prioritize the care that our heart deserves. Instances that surround our day to day lives take a toll on our internal well-being, and we work very hard to cut ourselves off from our hearts and the natural feelings found there. Whether it be pressures from school, our responsibilities, our friends and families, mental well-being, or navigating through a world filled with chaos, we find ourselves lacking the necessary nourishment for our heart.

The heart is an organ designed to be in a state of calm, which is achieved with the remembrance of God.

This calm is what the heart seeks out and gravitates to. It yearns always to remember God the Exalted. When God is not remembered, especially with the various trials and tribulations that humans experience in the world, the heart then falls into a state of agitation and turmoil If we stop breathing, we die. The heart also needs to breathe, with its breath being none other than the remembrance of God. Without it, the spiritual heart dies.

Stories of Revival is a collection of short stories, essays, and poems from participants of the 2018 Texas MSA Showdown hosted at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas.

Author: MSA Lone Star Council
Cover design by: Amal Hashmey, UT Austin
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1096694662
ISBN-13: 978-1096694663
Paperback: 90 pages