Shafi'i Principles of Testing Hadith

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Shafi'i Principles of Testing Hadith is a unique and concise text about the study of the science of testing prophetic narrations according to he Shafi'i school. The Shafi'i school of thought was founded by one of the four greatest Imams within Sunni Islam; Imam Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi'i,  and ever since, has been studied for centuries in the Muslim world. Shafi'i Principles of Testing Hadith covers almost all issues related to the subject of authenticating hadith. 

The author has quoted the opinions of the topmost thinkers of the Shafi'i school of thought, which not only strengthens one's comprehension of the fundamental principles of hadith, but it endeavours to answer questions that have perplexed the most intelligent minds. If the issue in discussion is disagreed upon, the names of the scholars from both sides of the issue have been listed. The author has included the differences within the Shafi'i school and, in particular, the disagreements between former and later Shafi'i scholars. More importantly, he listed the references to each opinion in order to facilitate the reader from relocating it from its original sources. 

Therefore, this manual of testing hadith is the first of its kind in English, on the science of prophetic narrations from a Shafi'i perspective.

Authored & Translated by: Atabek Shukurov
Publisher: Shukurov Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1647134327
Hardcover: 228 pages