White Pearl Digital Zikr Clicker and Tasbih Beads (Gift Set of 2)

$9.00 USD

Elegant Islamic Gift Set: This meticulously crafted gift set is designed to celebrate spirituality and sophistication, making it an ideal present for various occasions.

Thoughtful Contents: This set includes a digital zikr tasbeeh and beautifully crafted prayer beads, allowing your loved ones to connect with their faith in a meaningful way.

Versatile Occasion: Whether it's for Islamic weddings, birthdays, Eid, Ramadan, Mawlid, or simply to express your love and respect, this gift set suits a wide range of special moments.

Stylish Colorful Design: The set comes in a box, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the presentation. It is available in white, brown, red, gray, and purple.

Muslim Gifts for Women: This set is particularly well-suited for Muslim women, offering a beautiful way to express your best wishes and appreciation.