Sufism: A Wayfarer's Guide and Naqshbandi Way

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Unlike most English-language books on Sufism - which tend to reflect on the sociocultural orientations of the modern West - this account provides a window into the living Sufism of the Khalidi-Naqshbandi of Kurdistan. In this sense, Sufism is quite unique as it contextualizes the practice both historically and within the Islamic religious milieu. With reviews on the 25 stations experienced by Sufis, from repentance to servanthood, this reference also discusses 15 common altered states of consciousness as well as technical terms, praiseworthy and blameworthy attributes, and the Naqshbandi path. Given its comprehensive content, this book offers a solid basis upon which to understand authentic Sufi practice.

Author: Shaikh Amin 'Ala ad-Din an-Naqshbandi
Translated into Arabic by: Dr. Muhammad Sharif Ahmad
English Translation (from the Arabic) by: Muhtar Holland
Publisher: Fons Vitae
Language: English
ISBN-10:‎ 1891785834
ISBN-13: 978-1891785832
Paperback:‎ 320 pages