Super Sahaba Stories: 40 Episodes of Faith & Courage from the Companions of Muhammad AS

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  • Character Building: Each story inspires faith, kindness, humility, and courage, providing valuable life lessons.
  • Vivid Illustrations: We don't show pictures of the Sahaba, but the Learning Roots characters 'enter the world' of the Sahaba, allowing us to illustrate the stories with children immersed in the scenes from stories.  
  • Educational and Engaging: This book masterfully blends entertainment and education, teaching faith, courage, and character through the heroic tales of the Sahaba.
  • Heritage and History: 'Super Sahaba Stories' nurtures deep appreciation for Islamic heritage and history, helping children build a strong sense of identity.
  • High-Quality: Meticulously crafted with special cover effects ensure this will be a book to cherish for years to come
Author: Soulayman S.
Hardback: 194 Pages
Recommended age 7-11+
Foreward by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi
Edited by Zaheer Khatri, Captain at Learning Roots