The Apple Tree

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A true story of a son remembering his father.

The story takes the reader on a journey through 3 generations, showing the kind of life his Father had, his adventures and more importantly, what he created.

The ‘life-cycle’ of the Apple Tree mirrors his father’s own life, from the moment when he planted the tiny seeds with his own father all those years ago: the beautiful tree grows and blossoms, season after season, bearing fruit and new saplings.

It is a reflection of how each families’ stories are inevitably entwined in one another’s, and how we all live out our own ‘life-cycle’, creating loving memories along the way: memories that we must pass onto the next generation!

Author: John Rebholz
Illustrator: Zoe Saunders
Publisher: John Rebholz
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1916438601
ISBN-13: 978-1916438606
Paperback:‎ 38 pages