The Evident Memorandum: A Translation and Commentary for Ibn al-Mulaqqin al-Shāfiʿī’s The Memorandum

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Translated by Musa Furber

This volume presents an original commentary for Al-Tadhkirah (The Memorandum), a legal primer for Islamic Law according to the later scholars of the Shāfiʿī school by Ibn al-Mulaqqin, an Egyptian scholar who died in 804AH/1401CE. The commentary introduces essential evidence for the core issues of Islamic Law from its primary sources (the Quran, Sunnah, legal analogy, and scholarly consensus). The commentary is based on Ibn al-Mulaqqin’s legal commentaries (Sharḥ Mukhtaṣar al-Tabrīrzī, Khulāṣat al-fatāwī, and ʿUjālat al-muḥtāj) and works on legal hadiths (Tuḥfat al-muḥtāj, Mukhtaṣar al-Badr al-munīr, and Al-Badr al-munīr).The Evident Memorandum helps explain why Islamic Law includes specific topics and the essential evidence behind the Shāfiʿī school’s opinion. It will be most beneficial to readers who are already familiar with Islamic Law and jurisprudence.

Pages: 630 pages

Publisher: Islamosaic

Cover: Paperback