The Muslim Mind on Trial: Divine Revelation versus Secular Rationalism

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What has Revelation to do with the mind and the liberation of the mind?

How can faith be renewed and the mind reawakened?

How are contentment and tranquility achieved?

Yassine's intention is to "focus on one of the essential realities that Revelation sets forth clearly and repeatedly, and for which it coins parables, but which readers of the Qur'an pass by and fail to notice."

By Abdessalam Yassine

Author of Winning the Modern World for Islam and more than 30 best-selling books, Abdessalam Yassine is the founder and guide of Justice & Spirituality Association (Jama'at al-'All was-Ihsan) in Morocco. He is a distinguished Qur'an scholar and an authority on Islam.

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 96