Three Early Sufi Texts: A Treatise on the Heart

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The three Sufi texts published in this volume all deal with some aspect of the Sufi path to God. The Sufi path is marked by a number of different stages or stations (maqam/maqamat) which the Sufi traveller (salik) passes through as he advances on the path.

On his way the Sufi also experiences various psychological and emotional states (hal/ahwal). These states differ from the stations through which the Sufi passes in that the states are transitory experiences granted to him by God and over which he has no control, whereas the stations are permanent stages on the path which he has achieved through his own individual effort.

A Treatise on the Heart
by Al-Hakim Al-Tirmidhi
The Stumblings of Those Aspiring Stations of the Righteous
by Abu’Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami al-Naysaburi
(Three previously untranslated works. Arabic MSS for all three included.)
*Updated & Expanded Edition*
Translated by Nicholas Heer & Kenneth L. Honerkamp

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 197
Publisher: Fons Vitae